The Joining

The Joining

Quote of the day: The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.   Helen Keller


100_0792.JPGBoy oh boy; how time flies even when you’re not having fun!  But I guess life just happens eh.  I spent time cleaning up my kitchen floor from my landlord’s leaking dishwasher.  It just poured through the ceiling and burst 2 of the foamy type ceiling tiles.  It took a while to clean up and then the wife came home and started the dishwasher and again I had to contact them and then clean up their dirty dish water in my kitchen.  Yuk!  And now they won’t repair the ceiling.  Life in the fast lane eh?

I love the above quote by Helen Keller.  I have to keep my vision on what is important in my life: crocheting!

In my last blog post I included a free crochet graph of motifs, etc. of a beautiful top.  However, most of these free patterns don’t give instructions (or no English instructions) of how to join the motifs together.  So it takes a lot of thought and try-outs to obtain the desired results.  There are several methods of how to go about joining crochet pieces that I’ve seen on the internet but I have a disability that makes it difficult for me to comprehend some instructions.  So there are times when I just have to focus on what I am able to do and just keep trying until I get it right, at least for me.


Each of these 2 different motifs have 16 points so one motif is joined to another motif by joining 3 points to 3 points.  So I unraveled the last row of the motifs and just joined them by following the pattern but when joining to another motif, ch 1, sl st into adjoining motif’s point, ch 1 and continue pattern like this.

So 3 are joined at the points, leave one point open, join 3, etc. when going around.  I also used the same method in joining the little squares in between all the motifs.  I inserted the squares after I had finished assembling all the motifs.

If you don’t understand what my method is, please let me know in the comments below and then I will make up some pictures of how to do it.  I’m just learning how to make patterns; it’s quite tedious work!

Thanks for peeking!  Have a great day crocheting!




4 thoughts on “The Joining

  1. I lived in an apartment years ago with a leak from the apartment above it. It was really frustrating.
    This top is so beautiful! Your instructions make sense to me. I love the stitch pattern for the bottom and sleeves – it compliments the motifs perfectly. 😀

    1. Hi Tami, thanks for responding. I’m so sorry for taking so long. The slumlord issue is making my nerves bad.
      Anyhow, thanks for the lovely complement. I’m going to take a picture of 2 other garments that I’ve made without patterns. Deep purple. Love that color. Ta ta. Deb

  2. Well done Deb, that is beautiful. You don’t have to follow patterns to the stitch, crochet can be quite forgiving. I like charts but some of them are incredibly complex. What yarn did you use?

    1. Hi and thanks! I used the big ball of ecru crochet thread from Michaels. I think it’s size 10 thread. I love working with cotton. Someone told me that there is nylon/cotton mix or just nylon thread that is very sturdy and washes and wears well. I haven’t tried it though.
      Thank you so much for responding.

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